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Immerse Universe is a production company in Baltimore, MD. Immerse Universe's purpose is to work with mission-focused brands to create immersive entertainment that is informed by behavior change science and integrates the very best in experience design to ultimately create measurable mission impact. 

There is a lack of data-informed experience design in events, activations, immersive experiences, and exhibits leading to guest experiences that are not as relevant and impactful as they could be. Although mission-focused brands seek to inspire a growingly diverse audience to adopt sustainable and impactful behaviors, the social science that would help design fun, easy, and popular in-person experiences is rarely integrated fully into the design process. Immerse Universe changes that. 

Immerse Universe utilizes the expertise of PhD behavior change scientists and highly experienced entertainment designers to create offerings that are revenue driving, enhance scientific scholarship. and create measurable conservation behaviors that guests sustain after their visit. 


We get real about changing behavior.

What really sets Immerse Universe apart is that we created a unique design process tailored to mission-focused brands that captures the expertise of specialists in behavior change communications, entertainment professionals, experience designers, diverse audiences, and the organization's own content experts.

Immerse Universe's partners include renowned themed entertainment professionals and communication experts from Johns Hopkins University, University of Baltimore, University of Oxford and more. This unique blend of expertise ensures all designs are driven by proven strategies that increase the audience's ability to uptake socially or environmentally friendly behaviors. This approach also increases the brand's relevancy and meaning with an ever-changing diverse audience. Immerse Universe's method may be applied to activations, events, exhibits, interpretive plans, guest experience plans, digital campaigns, festivals, fundraisers, and more.


Success of experiences is evaluated through a comprehensive evaluation plan with scope co-determined with our clients. Commonly, metrics measured include current desired behavior mapping, active messaging audits, public perception mapping, social media audits, pre/mid/post campaign behavioral evaluation, focus groups, prototyping, timing and tracking, listening tours, member analysis, staff input, and more.

Our Founder

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